2020 has been an interesting year for athletics to say the least.

With limited racing opportunities for professional marathoners, many completed their first and last race of the season earlier this morning.

The Marathon Project, spearheaded by head coach of Northern Arizona Elite, Ben Rosario, provided that opportunity.

Brooks signed on as the title sponsor for this event. Some prize money was…

I am going to try to keep this one brief.

Hamilton is currently making a huge splash on Disney+ and I had my first opportunity to see what all of the buzz was about. I remembered the hype when it first came out and I remembered most of that hype…

The United States spends approximately $100 billion on police and $80 billion more on incarceration.

Most of that money comes from local and state government. People love to conflate welfare spending and police spending. “Cut off welfare instead of going after the boys in blue.”

David Pinsonneault

Union/Political Organizer @SEIU. Alum @BarackObama. Chicago living. Blood clot survivor. 15x marathon finisher. Always looking for better.

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